Despite the talks about the efforts to resume the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, the Israeli government, headed by PM Benjamin Netanyahu, continues to swallow the majority of the occupied West Bank through the expansion of settlements and the large-scale Judaization operations to complement the establishment of a special entity for settlers and their militias in the occupied West Bank on the ruins of the two-state solution, in order to widen the base of the fanatical majority of supporters of the ruling right in Israel and increase the number of settlers to ensure a clear Jewish majority in the areas classified (A) which consists the majority of the West Bank. In the same context , the Israeli media reported that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gave the green light to approve the construction of 3829 new settlement units in the West Bank, part of them in the settlements located outside what Israel calls the (huge settlement blocs), in confirmation of what Netanyahu calls the absence of the what so called "isolated" settlements.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotobli accompanied a parliamentary delegation from various countries on a tour in northern West Bank, in the so-called “settlements council” initiative , in a provocative move full of incitement against the Palestinians, including accusations that Palestinians are "don’t want peace and support terrorism" (and that all countries must transfer their embassies to Jerusalem).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates strongly condemns the settlement encroachment in the lands of the State of Palestine, the Ministry also considers that the Israeli Government's continued expansion of settlements constitutes a serious blow to the efforts to resume negotiations and to the culture of peace and political solutions to the entire conflict. The Ministry follows up with the international community on a daily basis the grave disastrous consequences of colonialism, it considers that the presence of foreign parliamentarians in the occupied Palestinian territory with Hotovely is contrary to international law, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will follow up this violation with their countries and they will be questioned for breaching this law. At the same time, the Ministry assures that the silence of the international community on settlements has reached an unacceptable level, and is considered to encourage the Israeli government to continue its destruction of the opportunities to revive negotiations between the parties.