The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemns, in the strongest terms, the calls made by extremist Jewish organizations to intensify provocative incursions into the Al-Aqsa Mosque and its premises on the pretext of the beginning of the Jewish holiday season. The so called “ Temple mount news” site announced that nearly 22 thousand extremist Jews have invaded Al-Aqsa since the beginning of the year, the same site noted that only yesterday, 150 settlers from the religious school in the settlement of Etniel, south of Hebron, stormed into the courtyards of the mosque, all under the protection of the occupation authorities and their various arms, which intensified in the last days of their provocative presence at the gates of al-Haram in the streets and alleyways of the Old City, where they harass Muslim worshipers, seize their IDs and, search them to block their access to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Ministry warns against the consequences of dealing with these illegal incursions that are not related to the concept of tourism and its laws, as a common practice repeated daily, and dealt with only by publishing statistics and figures on the number of intruders. The ministry confirms that the right-wing ruling coalition in Israel aims at changing the historical and religious reality existing in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, through its temporal division until it is divided spatially.

The Ministry calls upon the specialized United Nations organizations, in particular UNESCO, to protect and defend its relevant resolutions. It also calls upon the Arab and Islamic worlds to act quickly to strengthen the steadfastness of Jerusalemites who defend their sanctities, and to use their economic and political relations to impose international pressure on the occupation authorities to stop their daily incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque.