The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs condemns, in the strongest terms, the Israeli government’s decision to annex 250 donums of land belonging to the Sur Baher in Jerusalem, for the Israeli municipality to build over 2,000 new housing units.

The ministry also condemns the occupation forces bulldozing of 12 thousand acres of land in "Wadi Qana” reserve; a natural land in the west of Deir Istiya town, to expand the structural plan of “Yakir” settlement, through adding nearly 2,000 new housing units.

This Israeli policy became exposed, where multiple aspects and methods are practiced on the ground by the occupation by confiscating land to construct huge roads for settlers. Ultimately, all those practices aim at benefiting settlements expansion.

The ministry confirms that Israel's continuous settlement construction on the expense of the Occupied Palestinian territory, reflects the real intentions and attitudes of the Israeli ruling rightwing coalition, headed by PM Benjamin Netanyahu, which clearly neglect peace based on the twostate solution, and aims at creating new facts on the ground to resolve the negotiated final status issues unilaterally, which also confirms the absence of a real partner of peace in Israel.

The ministry calls on the international community and the United Nations to take immediate action’s and implement international legitimacy laws that requests the immediate stop of settlement activity, first and foremost the Security Council resolution number 2334. The ministry further demands world countries to move from only asserting statements of condemnation and denunciation of the settlements and their effect on the Two-State solution , to imposing real sanctions on the occupation’s State , forcing them to stop rebelling against the international law ,international legitimacy resolutions, and signed agreements.