Minister of Foreign Affairs Riyad al-Malki said on Monday that the leadership is following up with the international organizations and the mission of Palestine in the United Nations on Israel’s recent settlement activities. He said Palestine has sent messages to the European Union and the UN Secretary General asking them to take serious steps against the settlements, saying condemnation letters are not enough.

Speaking to the Voice of Palestine, he said talks on a draft resolution that condemns Israeli settlements have kicked off with the member states of the United Nations Security Council. He expressed hope that the International Arab Quartet could convene before the end of this month to decide on the final version of the draft resolution, before it is voted on by the UNSC.

He added that upon the instructions of President Mahmoud Abbas, Palestine will participate in two UNSC meetings on Israeli settlements this month, the first one of which is Arria Formula meeting on October 14, while the second, which is set for October 24, will be devoted to discussing settlement affairs. He said this could prompt the Arabs and Palestinians to submit the draft resolution at the UNSC.

Meanwhile, al-Malki said France's special envoy for its peace conference initiative Pierre Vimont is likely to visit Palestine next week, where he is to meet with the Palestinian leadership to inform them about the ongoing French peace efforts and to coordinate upcoming meetings at the top-official level and the closed work committees ahead of the peace conference, which is due at the end of the year.

Member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Ahmad Majdalani, said on Monday he was frustrated by the delegation of the International Criminal Court refusing to meet with the Palestinian national committee in charge of following up with the ICC.

Speaking to the Voice of Palestine, he said the delegation’s visit is only to raise awareness on the Court’s work, saying he was afraid that the United Nations or Israel has pressured the ICC delegation to make the visit only formal. He said, “We will continue to work, coordinate, and to pressure by all means guaranteed by our right as Palestinians with the ICC, which was formed in accordance with Rome Statute.”

Israeli occupation forces last night carried out massive raids and arrested dozens of Palestinians across occupied East Jerusalem, including the daughter, brother and relatives of Musbah Abu Sbeih, who was shot dead by Israeli police after he carried out a shooting attack and killed two Israelis in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem on Sunday.

Voice of Palestine correspondent added that Israeli police released Sbeih’s father, Musbah, and handed them him an order asking him not to accept condolences for his deceased son in Silwan district in Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Israeli police tightened their security presence in Jerusalem’s Old City area. This came as Minister of Home Security Gilad Erdan ordered Israeli security forces to apprehend what he described as the Palestinian “agitators” on the social media.

In the meantime, about 10 Palestinians were last night injured by rubber-coated steel rounds during clashes which erupted with Israeli security forces near Sbeih’s home in ar-Ram town, northeast of Jerusalem. Israeli police said two policemen, including a female officer, were injured during the clashes.